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I uniquely understand how each person, each condition, wellness and healing goal differs from person to person. 

I offer consultations, specialized treatment plans, acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional and diet therapy, tuina, and many other methods to help you meet your healing goals!

I also teach Qi Gong privately.

Debra Xiangjun Hayes 杜相君, L.Ac.

Meet Debra Xiangjun Hayes 杜相君, 

M.A., M.S.O.M., D.A.C.M., L.Ac.

  • Medical and cultural anthropologist
  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
  • Board-certified Diplomate of Oriental medicine (NCCAOM)
    • Biomedicine, Eastern medicine, Acupuncture and Herbs
  • Licensed acupuncturist
  • Research writer 

Lifelong scholar


 A very professional, highly educated and experienced acupuncturist.~ B.F.

I  feel really good! She always takes good care of me! ~W.B.

What a great resource to have in our area! ~ P.D.

I can't believe it! I can move my arm again freely, reach across my body, and put on my coat without pain. ~S.B.

I'm walking my dog again! ~ J.S.

I'm leaving pain-free! ~W.F.

Consults, New Patient Visits and Forms

I'm always really excited to help anyone meet their healing goals!

Whether you're seeking health and wellness maintenance, assistance with an acute or chronic and difficult condition or seeking fertility support, chemotherapy support or any other condition, 

I'm happy to help you take your healing steps along the way and honored to share your journey!

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News and Updates

For more than 20 years on this amazing Chinese medicine journey through practice, study and research in Mainland China, Taiwan and the U.S., I have always dedicated my efforts and studies for the sake of others, for healing............

I am always learning, researching,  studying, increasing my skills and practice to give you my very best!

Still, the journey continues............

Although I have completed my D.A.C.M., professional doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, an option  previously unavailable in the U.S., Chinese medicine is lifelong study!

Current training includes herbal alternatives to pharmaceuticals, dermatology, advanced diagnosis and advanced techniques......

A few more steps taken along the healing pathway........

As one of my Chinese medicine Masters explained, 

"Chinese medicine, like Chinese language, both lifelong study."

Wishing you happiness, health and healing with every breath, with every step.......

Appreciating you! 


What Is Acupuncture?

The insertion of very thin needles at specific points on the body to maintain wellness, help your body heal itself, moderate and alleviate pain, and balance body mind and spirit to provide greater quality of life!

How small are the needles?

Acupuncture needles are very small and thin. 

  • They are 1/20th the size of a hypodermic needle. 
  • In fact, acupuncture needles fit inside of the hypodermic needles.

Does it hurt?
Most people are very surprised they do not feel pain during acupuncture. 

  • Most people fall asleep during acupuncture.
    They say it's the most relaxed they feel.
  • Acupuncture might produce a sense of heaviness, tingling, or a tickle sensation. 
    • If there is any discomfort, the acupuncturist can adjust the needle for your body's comfort or remove the needle completely.